People adore pets. They're great companions and improve daily life.

Many individuals don't recognize the benefits of adopting a pet. Even aging animals can be life's finest blessings.

When is National Pet Day

National Pet Day honors pets and encourages people to minimize shelter animal numbers. The motto of the day is “Bringing humans and animals together improves the world.”

Discover National Pet Day

I think a house or apartment becomes a home when you add four legs, a joyous tail, and a dog's incomparable love.

National Pet Day is like any other day for most pet owners. We appreciate the love and joy animals contribute to our lives and let our pets know how much they mean to us. National Pet Day is the perfect time to embrace your pets, from cats and bunnies to chickens and dogs, and tell them how much they brighten your life. The best buddy most people ever have is a pet! Ultimately, a pet is the most faithful, right?

Have you wondered which pets are most popular worldwide? As expected, dogs are the most popular, followed by cats! What's next? Fish, then birds. Hamsters, gerbils, mice, horses, and snakes follow as popular pets.

How To Celebrate National Pet Day

1. You can treat your pet to the internet's oddest pet products. Are you ready for some eerie products that will make you exclaim “Wait—what?”

2. Adopt a shelter or pure breed rescue pet on National Pet Day. Adopting an animal can be the finest gift you ever receive and save lives.

3. Volunteering at your local shelter and walking the pets can also assist. You can also feed and care for them. If you can't afford an animal, donate blankets, food, and toys.

4. Take pictures, get new toys, provide treats, and adore your pet—they always give back.

5. There are many ways to celebrate National Pet Day with your pet! Teaching your pet new tricks and rewarding him for his accomplishments! You might also buy or DIY a pet gift. Declaring your affection for your pet!

6. You can create a pet social media account on National Pet Day. Many pet Instagram profiles are viral. Why not create an Instagram account for your adorable pet and see how famous it can get?

7. You could also study pets and their history. Ancient tribes and communities had fascinating animal and belief stories. Egypt is a fantastic starting point. Did you know Egyptians sacrificed their nation for cats?

8. Egyptians avoided fighting in 525 BCE to avoid offending their goddess. The Egyptian Army surrendered to the Persians, who wore Bastet on their shields. Cats were crucial in Ancient Egypt, therefore it's worth studying this and other cultures' animal relationships. 

National Pet Day history

In order to honor the happiness that pets may offer to our lives, animal welfare activist and expert in pet and family lifestyle Colleen Paige established National Pet Day in 2006. However, she also wished to draw attention to the continued needs of numerous animals of all kinds who are in shelters awaiting adoption. She advised against going to breeders if someone wanted purebred cats and dogs and to instead get in touch with rescue groups. "Avoid shopping! The motto for the holidays is now "Adopt!"

According to estimates from the Humane Society of the United States from 1973, 13 million cats and dogs are brought into shelters annually. Some were confiscated in court proceedings, some were strays, and some were turned in by owners who could no longer care for them. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals estimates that every year, 6.5 million companion animals are brought into shelters across the US. Additionally, 1.6 million dogs and 1.6 million cats find loving homes.

Although Colleen's holiday originated in the United States, it quickly spread throughout the world. Today, several countries celebrate this day, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Spain, Guam, Scotland, and many more.

Celebrities have embraced the cause as well. Taylor Swift, Ellen De Generes, Ricky Gervais, Cee Lo Green, Jimmy Fallon, Willy Nelson, Kevin Bacon, Seth Myers, and Carrie Underwood are just a few of the celebrities that have supported National Pet Day.

Additionally, Colleen's cause and the celebration have been promoted via social media. Bo, one of the two Portuguese water dogs that lived in the White House with President Barack Obama, was featured in a picture that the president uploaded online, winning over politicians from both sides of the political spectrum. When Bo was unable to get along with an older dog owned by a Texas family, he was placed in a new home.

National Pet Day Timeline

  • 30,000 BC
    Animals domesticate.
    The interaction between humans and animals changes when dogs become pets. 
  • 3100 BC
    Ancient Egyptians kept dogs as pets, despite their primary role as guard or hunting dogs. These canines were given collars and names.
  • In 3000 BC, Egyptians kept cats indoors.
    Granary storage requires pest control, so wild cats hunt mice within.
  • The first US animal refuge
    With a heart for animals, Caroline Earl White leads 30 women to start the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals' Women's Branch.
  • The first National Pet Day was observed in 2006.
    Animal welfare advocate and pet lifestyle trainer Colleen Paige created this day to promote pet love and animal shelter adoption and rescue.

National Pet Day Around The World






Cat Day

Japan celebrates its feline friends.

February 22


National Elephant Day

The native elephants of this region are celebrated on this day.

March 13


Zirgu Diena

Latvia celebrates Horses on this day.

January 17


Hedgehog Day

Similar to Groundhog Day, Italy has its own Hedgehog Day.

February 2


Day of help to forest animals

The importance of forest animals and the impact of the changing environment is observed on this day.

February 11



National Pet Day is on when?
Every year on April 11, there is a day set aside to honor and celebrate dogs, who provide immense happiness and affection to their family.

Are children safe with pets?
Children learn responsibility, compassion, gentleness, and trust from their pets in addition to receiving care, affection, company, and security from them.

What is National Pet Day?
The purpose of National Pet Day is to raise awareness of pet adoption and rescue initiatives as well as the value of owning pets.

Which animals are the easiest to care for?
Even while dogs and cats are the most popular pets, many other low-maintenance animals including fish, turtles, and tortoises are also very popular.

Does more people own pets?
Indeed! Although most pet-owning households don't have as many pets on average as they once did, the numbers of dogs and cats in homes are both increasing.